Different Window Styles

When it comes to the right kind of ventilation, protection and lighting your house needs, having an ideal type of window installed will not only bring a comfortable indoor environment to your house it can also mean other advantages. There’s a vast selection of window styles to choose from in making your house a better place to live in, so browsing for the right one will be an easy task.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are ideal for rooms with air-conditioning or heating because of how tightly sealed they are, air leaking out is less giving you even more reasons of having casement windows installed. These windows are easy to move and open in an outward manner, making things less difficult it you want curtains or blinds added. The only thing you need to worry about is the danger of having this type of window broken due to rust or flawed hardware.

Hopper Windows

You’ll often see this style installed in basements and as you can see, their similar to casement windows only that it’s turned over to its side. They aren’t actually the type of windows you want open on rainy days, while other windows keep bad weather out, because they open in an inward manner, hopper windows often let rain drip inside your house. It also gets in the way of indoor decoration, curtains and blinds when opened for ventilation.

Awning Windows

This kind of window style is great for private rooms, like bedrooms and bathrooms. It can be opened slightly for ventilation and can definitely provide lighting in a room, having it installed in an arranged way can also add up design other than just let light in. You can have a screen put in along with it but the screens are only possible to set on the inside, getting all the dust to land on your floor.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are suitable in almost any part of the house, because of how different they are to other windows; double hung windows are known to be unique in style. What adds up to their exceptionality is the fact that is it only opens either on the top or at the bottom, which also means it doesn’t actually open completely.  These kinds of windows offer great ventilation and lighting but it does leak a lot more than the other window styles.

Picture Windows

If your room needs that outdoor touch, maybe a picture window would help by giving a view of what’s just outside your house. Picture windows are perfect for rooms where ventilation isn’t a big of a deal, so it’s okay with rooms that have heating or air-conditioning in it because it doesn’t actually open. Being susceptible to breaking due to its lack of support, it provides a great deal of light because of its large area of glass.

Bay Windows

Even if these types of windows are only capable of opening at their sides and don’t have screens to prevent bug problems, they are very much different when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Its openness allows more light to come in because of its angled views, and room ventilation is also not a problem when it comes to bay windows.

Jalousie Windows

This kind of window is made up of glass plates, held in place by metal clips which opens and closes as one. You can control on how open it is, so adjusting for the right kind of breeze and light won’t be a problem if you install jalousie windows. These types of windows leak a whole lot and are not ideal for places with bad weather always happening, it is just impracticable to seal.

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