Know the Different Designs for Loft Beds

With the need for space growing these days, individuals have come to realize that they need to maximize whatever living space they have. If this means lessening on the furniture and finding another purpose for them after some years of use, then we can really make living “big”.

A lot of bedrooms have been sacrificed in order to accommodate bigger dining areas, kitchens, and living rooms. A few have been downsized for extra living space like a family room, patio, or even a guest bed room. Whatever way you choose, this means that selecting the right furniture for your home is important so that you will not find yourself stuck between the four walls of a room with nothing else to do except sleep. During these times, manufacturers of furniture have taken advantage of this increasing demand for pieces which are multifunctional that will enable individuals to make the most out of their available space but still keep them comfortable.

A bed is one piece of big furniture that any home cannot do without. Luckily, furniture designers are equipped with brilliant minds and so they came up with the creation of loft beds. Loft beds are types of beds which are elevated and they come in a wide array of designs to make use of the space that is found below the elevated bed. These kinds of bed are quite famous in studio apartments and college dormitories. Kids especially love loft beds because the add on features provide them with an are to play and still keep their toys close to them. With the other designs, children can even have a slumber party because a pull out bed may also be placed in a regular loft bed. If you are considering buying a loft bed, you may be interested to read on some loft bed designs that can give you a better perspective on what you might like.

The most basic design for a loft bed comes in the form of a bunk bed. To some people, this may seem like a traditional bunk bed wherein two beds are stacked on top of each other. However, these days, the lower bunk is placed horizontal to the top bunk. This alteration has allowed a larger space for the occupant of the lower bunk. This type of loft bed may also come with shelves and drawers and sometimes even a computer desk on the side.

Another popular design for a loft bed is the desk bed. This is a very common purchase for many parents because it has raised unit for sleeping and a working desk below. A few designs have the desk occupying the whole length of the bed accompanied by some shelves and holes to be used for storage of some things that children normally use for school. These types of loft beds are excellent for kids who are in college and adults who have very limited space in their homes. With this desk bed, the need to buy a full working desk is immediately eliminated because the design will let you enjoy a working in a station which can accommodate a computer and all its parts.

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